Artist To Artist: Juju & Jordash


We love it when a plan comes together and when such a plan involves getting a DJ pairing to square off against each other and ask questions that give an insight into their relationship we're laughing like Muttley. That's exactly what we did with Juju and Jordash as they played Friends Of Ours 1st birthday last weekend at Canavan’s and they absolutely ran with it. So join us in sitting back as the pair go head to head;

Jordash: What aspect of playing live that was once annoying has become easier over the years of gigging?

Juju: Certainly the confident grew significally over the years that we can make people dance and not only zone out and head nod  . technically- not bringing a laptop anymore marked the change, the set up was much more annoying when we needed to sync everything up with the computer and worry about recreating our studio tracks. 

Jordash: Favourite episode of Trailer Park Boys? Favourite Zatoichi film?

Juju: TPB –  The one with the storyline of them building a model train to smuggle weed on to Sebastian Bach. Zatoichi – Zatoichi meets Yojimbo, all star performances.

Jordash: What sucks most about working with me?

Juju: Post-gig mood swings. Because that never happens to me 😉 

Jordash: Favourite drum machine kick, hh and snare (doesn't have to be from the same machine)?

Juju: 909 kick drum, 606 hh, 808 and Linndrum snare (wish that I'll own at least one of the two one day…)

Jordash: Do you ever feel like recording a guitar-centric record?

Juju: Absolutely

Jordash: Which J&J gig has been the most memorable to you in the last few years? (musically and/or everything around the gig)

Juju: Tough one, but I'll choose 3: playing a 2 hour ambient set at Freerotation Festival while almost everyone else in the world was watching the World Cup final, J&J Boiler Room during the first Dekmantel Festival (the most hectic build up ever), closing out Mutek 2013 Festival right after Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald. Weirdly enough, all are festivals! So I will throw in our show in I-Boat (Bordeaux) last month as a possible contender for ''best musically'' so far this year.

Juju: Name one album that you liked as a teen and are now embarrassed to admit it. I’m putting Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s Tarkus on the table!

Jordash: It’s hard for me to name a classic ‘embarrassing record’ I liked as a teen cause the only ridiculous genre in the world is prog rock and I wasn’t into that at all. However, objectively speaking, it’s very embarrassing that I was into Death in June.

Juju: What is the first record you remember buying?

Jordash: The Police – Zenyatta Mondatta. For some reason I got obsessed with ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’, but when i finally got the cassette it was somehow a different version than what I heard. I was quite upset. It was tough for me to convince myself that it was as good.

Juju: If you could wake up tomorrow mastering any instrument (other then keys), what would it be?

Jordash: Sax. I think I try to play the keyboard like a sax and just hear melodies in my head in the sound of a saxophone. Besides that (or part of that), Eric Dolphy is probably my favourite musician.

Juju: Describe your gig day dream dinner, you are entitled to a maximum of 2 hours of disco nap thereafter.

Jordash: Hmmmm… I guess any solid Italian dinner (in Italy). Thanks for the 2 hours recovery time!

Juju: What is the best movie documentary you have seen lately?

Jordash: Lately will have to mean last three years… If so then ‘King of Kong’ and ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’. Sugar Man sucked.

Juju: What and when are the next 2-3 releases on ‘Off Minor’?

Jordash: Next up is a really wonderful Willie Burns Single Life EP and then a slamming 12” from Tom Dicicco. thanks for asking 😉 ( FYI – Gal definitely didnt know about the Tom Dicicco record… So… Totally legit question!)

Juju: Which country that you have not been in yet, do you want to go most?

Jordash: Japan.

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