Artist To Artist: Jesse Siminski Interviews Justin Cudmore


Jesse Siminski is the man behind the up and coming Berlin based record label ISNISNT and is the sole party to feature to date under the alias of Heartthrob. His high energy take on house music is uncompromising and driven for the dance floor. However, last month saw him invite two collaborators onto the record label for the very first time in the form of Red Rack'em and Justin Cudmore. The latter of which released the first original material on the label other then Jesse himself. Justin Cudmore is a familiar face affiliated with Bunker NY and Honey Soundsystem, likeminded spirirts in terms of sound and attitude. Jesse interviews him below: 

“ This year I missed out on going to Detroit for the annual Movement Festival. You went and had a few shows. What were some highlight and lowlights…."

You were missed! Detroit is always a special time. I get to see a lot of old friends from the midwest that I don't get to see as often living in New York. This was my second year playing. The highlight was playing Boiler Room's pre-festival party. It was probably one of the hardest things I've had to do – felt the pressure! – but I had lot of friends there and it turned out to be really fun. No low points except maybe not spending as much time at the actual festival as other years. 

"We met through our mutual friend Mike Servito a fellow Brooklyn Dj and Bunker resident. You guys have been writing music and sometimes play backtrack. Are you guys planning any future projects? 

It's in the plans.  We did a remix for our bud Gunnar Haslam earlier this year for The Bunker New York. Mike is on the road a lot but I have a feeling we'll be able to get back in the studio this summer.

"That said, whats coming up for you? It seems like you have been busy both DJing and in the studio. Whats up?” 

I've been playing more than I ever have. I used to play a handful of times a year and a lot at home. It's tough – always finding new music and trying to keep things fresh and special for each party. I put a lot of time into hunting for new music and prepping. Production-wise, I'm working on some new stuff and trying out some new sounds. I have a record coming out later this month (June) for Interdimensional Transmission's Acid Series that I'm proud of. Also did a few remixes that I'm excited about dropping this summer.

"This year has been the first for you to focus on music and DJing without a day job. How does it feel? Are you able to focus? are you still happy living in Brooklyn or are you getting an itch to live in Europe?" 

I still can't believe I've been able to make it work – and I dont know how long I will be able to do it so trying to not take it for granted –  but it's been really amazing.  I do work some part time jobs occasionally to help get to the end of the month. Yeah, focus has been an issue for me. I was never a morning person when I had a day job,  but now I love mornings. Getting up early and tackling things before lunch. It makes me feel like I haven't wasted the day.  Every month is a hustle in New York, but I can't imagine being anywhere else. 

"It seems to me that things are thriving in the house and techno scenes these days. Living in Brooklyn and being involved with the scene, what are your favorite parties? Record shops, Places to buy gear? How does it compare to Chicago?" 

Well, gotta say The Bunker!  Wrecked always blows me away. And I've never seen anything like Unter before. There's a lot of great things happening in NY right now.  For record shopping – Halcyon and A1 are my fav, and The Thing is fun for a dig. I do miss Gramaphone in Chicago. 

"What do you think about the rest of the states? Do you sense that the gay scene and underground scene are overlapping more so these days?" 

Yeah, everything seems to be converging right now. All these pockets of scenes are starting to overlap and work together. It's cool.  Even in new york, I have friends who have partied in different scenes for 10+ years and never met until recently. It seems even outside of big cities, crews are trying to built queer spaces and parties. It's been cool to see things develop over the last few years. 

"Where do you find your music? Do you have a large record collection?" 

I have maybe 500 records. I still buy wax, but without a day job it is an expensive habit. I've moved to more digital lately, especially with the need to always have new music. I buy music at bandcamp, beatport, boomkat, hardwax, juno, etc. I don't care where, really wherever I can find what I'm looking for. 

"You worked with for the terrific dance music blog Little White Earbuds. Do you think about continuing with music journalism?" 

Maybe if the right opportunity came up, but I think that chapter is probably closed. LWE was a special time.

"Favourite acid record?" 

Ah that's a tough one. Probably this Armando track, only because I became obsessed with it again lately. 

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