Aritist To Artist: Inflagranti


Swiss duo Inflagranti make great, great music. They've been a been staple in the sets of some of the worlds finest DJs, from Phantasy boss Erol Alkan to James Murphy, Tim Sweeney, Horsemeat Disco and many more.
Their Headrush EP has just dropped on Erol's Phantasy label. Always approaching music production with a sense of humour we asked the duo to ask each other some questions. Here's the outcome: 

Alex: How did we meet and what brought us together?

Sasa: Alex and I met in Basel, Switzerland in 1991 in a record shop. He was visiting from New York and looking for cosmic records he couldn't find in the states, and I had a big collection of them so we quickly became friends.

Sasa: What do you like about the way we make records and why do you think our music works together?

Alex: We have the same background in music – we both listened to cosmic music tapes from Italy for many years before we started to work together so that made it easy as there was no need to explain to each other what we like.

Alex: Who's more techno?

Sasa: We're not stuck in a genre, we're open minded

Sasa: What's our musical love affair like now we're both in different countries. Has trans-continental boundaries changed our music?

Alex: Not at all!

Sasa: We both work with other people – if I understand rightly – what is it that keeps us coming back to each other.

Alex: We prefer to do everything ourselves. That makes things easier and more efficient, with no bull shitting.

Alex: Do you still go out dancing? If so where.

Sasa: Yes I still love going out dancing, I dance whenever I have a chance while playing out. One of my fav spots in London is Dalston Superstore – the basement has great acoustics.

Alex: Why did we choose Erol's Phantasy label for this release?

Sasa: I think Erol chose us… but I think it's always good to release tracks on other labels to tap into a new audience that has never heard of you before.  

Check snippets of the EP below. Have a little look at that artwork too! 
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