Hieroglyphic Being and Jerzy Maczyński Collaborate on “Tune IN”

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Hieroglyphic Being and Polish saxophonist Jerzy Maczyński team up for a full album of  free jazz, rhythmic cubism and electronica.

Those who attended this year’s Dekmantel Festival, will have experienced the first live show from Hieroglyphic Being and Polish saxophonist Jerzy Maczyński who have teamed up for a full album “Tune IN”. Set for release on December 1st, the album showcases a fusion of electronica and free jazz and is the result of spontaneous improvisational sessions followed by extensive post-production.

The title track, “Tune IN,” serves as an engaging introduction with synth waves and reed instruments. The album explores a range of styles, including rhythmic cubism, and ambient jazz.



“These joyous, far-sighted futurist explorations incomparably blur the boundaries between avant electronica, electro-acoustic, improv, free jazz and Moss’ next-level-raw-beat-science.”

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  1. Tune IN
  2. Can U Hear The Hum
  3. Breaking Open The Head
  4. Multidimensional Transformation
  5. Sam-Sa-Ra
  6. The Book Of Forbidden Knowledge
  7. Call Of The Wild
  8. The Fifth Science
  9. The End Of Ur World
  10. Gravity’s Rainbow
  11. Searching 4 Spirituality Without Religion
  12. The Emerald Tablet