Basket Of Light Festival launch tiered ticketing initiative based on income

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Sound and light festival Basket of Light have announced a tiered ticketing initiative that takes into account income and property ownership.

The 400 cap event, which is set to take place between 8th-11th June, is introducing the new model to combat divisions in society and create an arts space open to all – so ticket buyers will pay a price based on how much they earn, and what they own.

Across the weekend Basket of Light will host live music and DJs including Dar Disku, Juanita Euka, a Club Yeke takeover and Donna Leake, as well as light installations, projection art and workshops.


On the new ticketing model, Basket of Light explains: “Income and property ownership are the biggest social dividers in Britain – even though some of the most important jobs in our society receive the worst pay. It’s been a very interesting experiment – we have to rely on people’s honesty and trust that everyone is using the system properly. It’s a leap of faith and we really hope it makes for a great show that has allowed everyone to access the space in a truly equal way. And of course, it has to enable us to pay artists fairly.”

On top of the ticketing model, the festival is also offering a paid mentoring scheme for young people who want to break into the world of music and arts events, and are partnering with organisations including Saffron Music and Midi Music to provide opportunities in sound engineering and event production.

Since the festival began three years ago they’ve welcomed the likes of Colectiva, Zakia, Mafalda, Esa, Tahira and many more.

For more information on the initiative visit the Basket of Light website. Tickets are available through Headfirst.