The Fox Talks To Space Dimension Controller


In anticipation of finally coming together on Saturday, Space Dimension Controller and The Fox caught up for a chin wag over the medium of twitter. What followed was a slightly tentative exchange between two beings who were just meant to be together….

Fox: ?@Foxidermy

Space Dimesnion Controller: @tiraquon 
@tiraquon Are you ready, master?
@Foxidermy don't call me master! I would have thought our relationship would be a little bit less formal.
@tiraquon Aww, you're a kindly soul. So in that case, what goodies do you have in store for me when we are united this weekend?
@Foxidermy I'm not sure yet. Probably some tunes that only someone with a sweet foxy companion such as yourself could get away with.
@tiraquon My favourite tune of all time is Baz Luhrmann – Sunscreen… I always sing that when I do Karaoke. Will you play that for me?
@Foxidermy probably not, i don't know you well enough yet.
@tiraquon Maybe one day. This could the start of something amazing. When you saw me on ebay, did you ever think we would have come this far?
@Foxidermy it was that look in your eyes, i felt as if we shares the same love for life and tasty small rodents. i know you've seen things.
@tiraquon So when my pimp first offered me to you, did you think it was too good to be true? That this was one big hoax?
@Foxidermy i don't agree with prostitution! i thought i was getting a nice friendly fox to tell me some tales.
@tiraquon I do love watersports though, I must admit. I also love your new album. But I'm worried for Mr 8040. What does the future hold?
@Foxidermy i've seen the future, i'm not sure people want to know.
@tiraquon Oh God. I do hope he pulls through. The album's had great early feedback in the animal kingdom… when is it available for humans?
@Foxidermy 4th march, tell your friends
@tiraquon Do you approve of gay marriage for foxes?
@Foxidermy i don't know, but i'm gonna stuff you with ham and see if it brings you to life.
So there you have it: water sports, gay marriage in the fox world, pimps and getting stuffed with ham. God knows what saturday will bring.