The Fox Gets Invited To Russia


"I personally love this fox, he's so funny. So my friend and I decided to buy it and give him a show in one of the galleries at the winery. We are currently in negotiations with its new owner. He is ready to sell a fox for 40 thousand rubles." Alexei Nevzorov , student journalism at Moscow State University 
Ummmm… news to us?! 

"On the wave of popularity of Internet meme "Uporoty fox" two students of journalism at Moscow State University – Alexei Nevzorov and Eugene Onegin – began collecting money to buy a stuffed his new owner and an exhibition at the winery, and also to invite to Moscow girl-taxidermist Adele Morse, which is the author's masterpiece."

'The Fox' appears to have literally 'gone viral'.  The artist has been in touch with Mr Boorman letting him know that she's been approached by a Russian journalist and also by some very eager fans of the fox – or 'Uporoty Fox' as he's now become known – who are halfway to raising enough money to fly her and the fox out to Moscow!  
One of them claims that they have been in talks with Mr Booman and he's agreed to sell them the fox for 40,000 Rubles!  Pretty much the best lie we've ever heard over at R$N Towers.  
Below are links to two of the news stories.  Click translate on your browser, and weep.

Uporotogo Fox wants to bring to Moscow. MSU journalism students are raising money to buy a funny scarecrow
Uporotogo fox invited to Russia Moscow to hold an exhibition on Uporotomu fox
So when did The Fox transmogrify into 'Uprotogo Fox Meme'. We were completely dumbfounded until we were also forwarded these mock ups of the fox, all done in Russia, which manage to reference the likes of Lenin, Stalin, Obama, Keanu Reeves, Tom Hanks, and The Mona Lisa.  Take a look below with the exact captions that the Russians have felt fit to give them. This world eh? This world…

The fox instead of Russian astronaut Juri Gagarin

The fox watching a chess game

The fox in an ice pool (a common episode in Russian fables)

The Girl with Peaches (by the famous artist Valentin Serov) with the fox

Three Russian heros with the fox instead of one

Titanic, quote "its fucking cold".jpg

Toy helicopter made of the fox

With guard…

The fox after a drunk Russian party

The fox will be appearing in London town on 16th February alongside someone special… put it in those diaries now.