View From The Side: The Immigration Nightmare


In many circles, what I’m about to write is an unpopular opinion. Few of Britain’s politicians have the basic courage to face up to a spiralling crisis – a crisis that is destroying the country I love. Enough is enough. I’m sorry to resort to such emotive terminology but we’re reaching breaking point; it’s time we faced up to our immigration nightmare.

To borrow a phrase from Messer’s Cameron and Hammond, there are marauding hordes of economic migrants – parasites for want of a better word – with the UK in their sights. And they’re hell-bent on taking over.

No doubt these migrants have suffered serious trauma – it’s the only explanation as to how they can be so inured to the damage they perpetuate on British society. They contribute less than nothing to the country. Instead, they take. They take homes. They take school places. They pay no tax and do no work. They leech off our systems. They make no attempt to engage with our culture. They are often men, callously dumping wives and children – presumably to come and take new wives over here in some sort of passport scam. Many of them have clearly lied about their past and have undoubtedly committed criminal acts in the process of getting here.

London, the city of my birth, has witnessed monumental shifts in character over the last decade. Successive governments have done little to combat this rising immigrant threat – in fact, they’ve actively encouraged it. Previously happy, cohesive boroughs are being destroyed. Houses are being snatched away from long-standing British communities and handed over to people who’ve been in the country less than a month. Some areas of the city have become desolate; virtual wastelands.

As the foreign secretary has rightly noted, England “can't protect itself and preserve its standard of living and social infrastructure” if these crooks are allowed to continue.

It’s time we faced up to facts.          

It’s time we kicked out the Super Rich.

For some reason this government, and the government before, have done everything they can to court these dubious characters. Politicians have been happy to ignore histories of criminality in the desperate attempt to woo them to our country; oligarchs, corrupt property tycoons and the odd dictator. These interlopers happily snap up property to leave as a dormant investment, decimating communities, turning swathes of London into cultural tombs and driving house prices sky high across the city. We’ve bent over backwards to ensure they don’t suffer the inconvenience of paying tax. I’m afraid I don’t consider the (very) occasional blow-out in a shit West London members club any sort of contribution to culture. These people are parasites. They ruin our media, destroy our heritage and wilfully destabilise centuries-old traditions. They wear terrible clothes. They presumably listen to Pitbull. They are marauding in the true sense of the word, and it’s time we sent them back to wherever they came from.  

Then we could quite happily break up their huge, ugly, empty houses and find ample space for the 1% of all refugees to Europe (understand that if anyone tells you it’s more than this they are lying) that are trying to get in through Calais. Maybe as we did so we could note that these refugees are people who have already proved to be tenacious enough to travel through unbelievable hardship in search of a better life – I think you can safely say they want to work. And perhaps we can note that, unlike the children of the super-rich, the children of refugees will most likely settle in this country, enriching our culture and contributing to the wealth of our nation. Alternatively we could grudgingly let a trickle of refugees in, treat them like animals, house them in slums, deny them the right to work, blame them for economic problems that were entrenched in British society long before they came and, simultaneously, bomb their ancestors’ countries back to the dark ages.

But that would be a stupid thing to do, right?