Ramen Diaries #8


Genraku, Toranomon
Shio Ramen

This restaurant does not follow the typical Japanese approach to presentation. It is not a beautiful or elegant dish. It is not placed on the table carefully. All the small bits floating on top are pieces of pork fat. One bowl is, shall we say, a significant number of calories.  

If you push aside the floating pig the soup is not very exciting, a bit thin – but together they are an excellent combination. The noodles are fine, if a slightly small portion and un-memorable. The bamboo shoots are good, the egg boring. 

It is a popular place, with a permanent short queue and a very worn in feeling inside – the walls are covered in that oily black dust that you get in restaurants where appearance is unimportant. There are also stacks of manga magazines and apparently gentlemen's reading material for browsing over your lunch. 

¥750 (about £4.35)