Psychogeography: Aaaa In Mexico City


Mexico is a whirlwind of untapped opportunity and potential. The country has become a cultural hub, rife with creative outlets and a nation truly emboldened by a can do attitude. No club to dance in? Do it yourself. No label to release on? Do it yourself. No festival? Do it yourself. 

The latter is exactly what happened with Comunité, a festival founded out of love for electronic music and the landscape of the Mexican outback. This January the festival will return to the Mayan Riviera, a beautiful destination not frequently travelled or explored. AAAA is a musician who has been involved in the festival and local electronic music community for several years, his next appearance at the event will see him play live amidst the luxurious surroundings. 

Raised in Mexico City he has established himself as a well versed producer having released on the likes of Holland New York Haunted and Jack Dept. He has also collaborated with the likes of Tin Man and has appeared on Boiler Room and at Mutek festival. 

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to invite him to guide us through Mexico City. Welcome Gabo Barranco, please show us around….

U.N.A.M.’s Espacio Escultórico 

This space was inaugurated in the late 70´s. Within its 120m diameter you can find lots of volcanic rocks. It is located in the south of Mexico City.  When I was a teen, i visited the place for Mutek Festival Mexico’s first edition there. Robert Henke was playing there – it was awesome. It is an amazing space adapted to work with the nature around it instead of changing it. 

Senosiain House.

I’m a fan of Javier Senosiain's work, the architect who built this. He works with organic architecture, where the structures are inspired by nature and an ecosystem – very influenced by Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright. One of his houses is actually on the corner of the street I’m living right now – in the suburbs. I pass by it and look at it every time I go to my studio. I took a class/tour with him. It was meant to be for his students, but an ex-girlfriend sneaked us in. 


An abandoned malI in the suburbs of the city, close to where I grew up. I used to sneak in and skate there. It’s quite scary inside when it gets dark, but I have something for abandoned spaces, so I actually find it beautiful. Inside you’ll find graffiti everywhere, old mannequins, and destroyed store spaces.

Torres de Satelite

These towers are very emblematic of the suburbs. These were built by Luis Barragán around the 60’s, and from the beginning it was a symbol that represented the Ciudad Satélite neighbourhood. They are 5 huge towers with different sizes. The colours had been changing over time. Satellite used to advertise a utopian futuristic city, far from reality. I find it funny, the advertising of houses and land was decorated with flying cars and robots during the 70’s.


I lived for a few years in the heart of Mexico City. The rent was quite cheap, and I had 2 cool roomies to hang with. This picture was taken by a friend on the rooftop. Downtown is full of life during the day – a lot people running to their jobs, subway users, and people that sell stuff in stores. In this area you can buy everything you are looking for. At night is seems quite empty and spooky in some areas, like where I had my apartment. I used to ride my bike during midnight for fun in those areas when the streets were empty. 

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