Psychogeography: A Sagittariun in Bristol & Beyond


Last week marked the release of a new album from a stalwart of house and techno who perhaps isn't always granted the respect that he truly deserves. A Sagittariun is a singular producer and musician who has worked tirelessly across many years releasing his own music via Elastic Dreams, a label he runs and manages personally. He has also appeared prominently on the likes of Secretsundaze, Hypercolour and Idle Hands. 

However, his latest outing saw him appear on Running Back, a prolific record label run by Gerd Janson – an infamous disc jockey, producer and pioneer of forward thinking dance music, It really is a perfect fit for a producer who has glimmered beneath the surface for some time. The new album sees A Sagittariun, real name Nick Harris, experiment with hardware and machinery in a playful, inspired fashion. The album runs wild through the abstract backdrop of house and techno, brining in eclectic sound design for good measure along the way. 

We felt that it was about time to showcase Nick, to offer an insight into his back story and the place which has helped establish him as a mucial being – Bristol & Somerset. 

He show's us around…

Elevator Sound, Stokes Croft, Bristol

Love music?  Love machines?  Marco Bernardi’s music hardware shop on Stokes Croft is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of synths, Eurorack modular stuff and all the latest FX units and toys to get you creative in the studio.  The staff are top drawer, and you can test out the modular racks in there to your hearts content.  And they have a shop cat.  Synths and cats, what’s not to like?

Idle Hands, City Road, Bristol

If records are your thing, then a trip to Bristol isn’t complete without passing through Chris Farrell’s Idle Hands shop where he and his staff will pull out some top notch vinyl discs for you.  Check out the latest Idle Hands releases too, it’s a fantastic label, curated with love for the music and no shits given for the hyped up phoneys.

Leigh Woods

I like woods, and this is a big old woodland area.  I sometimes borrow my mates dog, Tomsk, to take for walks there.  That’s the dog’s name by the way, not my mate.  My mate is Christophe, great DJ and producer living in Bristol.  National Trust vibes at Leigh Woods, make sure you take a walk or ride over the Clifton Suspension Bridge on your way there, one of our man Brunel’s little ventures.

Avon Gorge Hotel, Sion Hill, Bristol

After getting lost in Leigh Woods, and managing to find the exit (I always get lost in there and takes me ages to figure out I’ve actually gone round in circles for two hours), nip into the Avon Gorge Hotel for a drink.  It’s a Bristol institution, incredible view of the Suspension Bridge and Avon Gorge, and a good excuse to line your stomach with a whiskey & ginger, or whatever takes your fancy.

Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury

Luckily I have family who live in Glastonbury, so I’m forever walking up this magnificent Tor every opportunity I can get, it’s about an hour or so South of Bristol, and from afar looks so stunning, with St Michael’s Tower atop the Tor.  Take the walk up its winding path and prepared to be spiritually boosted when you reach the top, magnificent views across Somerset.  It’s said that the Holy Grail is possibly located here.  Light up a doobie and spend some quality time up here.

Priddy Pond, Priddy, The Mendips

An area of natural beauty, just outside the town of Wells, and in the gorgeous Mendip Hills, rich with Neolithic remains and the Priddy pools.  In Autumn, grab yourself a flagon of Somerset scrumpy and head up to the top of the Mendip Hills and get searching for those mushrooms, pick the right conditions and you’ll leave with a big Tesco’s carrier bag of the beauties.  Go home, cook them up and ingest, then take the trip into Bristol for some time in the Planetarium…

Bristol Planetarium, Canon’s Wharf, Bristol

Weather you’re under the effects of the shrooms or not, the Bristol Planetarium is an inspiring place to be, and a chance to get your fix of the nebulas, planets and galaxies.  The UK’s first 3D Planetarium, it’s a giant silver (disco) ball, sit back in the auditorium and gaze up above for a really entertaining trip with live narration and a wealth of interesting facts.

The Milk Thistle, Colton Avenue, Bristol

After a long day’s rambling through Somerset and tripping amongst the (Planetarium’s) stars, put your feet up and sink back into one of The Milk Thistle’s big leather sofas and order yourself one, two, three or possibly more delicious cocktails, served up by knowledgable and kind staff who know all about mixology.  The lighting is low and the vibes will flow.

The Bell, Hillgrove Street, Bristol

Another Bristol institution, I’ve been drinking in this watering hole since the early 90s, it’s relaxed and friendly, and if walls could talk!  Every Bristol musician, street artist and more has propped up the bar here on more than once occasion, and the pub is still in rude health.  And you’re situated right back on Stokes Croft where all manner of basement parties, crusty raves and salubrious evenings await you….

Buy the new album HERE