Psychogeography #5: Baba Stiltz’s Stockholm


Continuing on with our series looking at some of the finest cities around the world, we asked Baba Stiltz to talk us through his native Stockholm. Here's what he had to say about the city;

"I don’t know what people think about Stockholm, all I know is that it’s my home and it’s a pretty sweet city. When I think about it, I really like it here. I feel as if it’s good here and it can get hectic sometimes but that’s ok because super important stuff happens!" 

7 Eleven (Mariatorget) 

This 7 eleven is real cool, my friend works there and always gives the best hi-fives. I’ve always been amazed by good hi-five technique. And also my dude always knows what I want, got my sparkling water brand on lock and also whatever brand of ciggs I’m into at the moment.

Plus it’s close to my studio and a couple of friends and it’s always open so if I’m fiending for some sour cream and onion pringles, or a 6 pack 3,5 (light beer), they got me.


This is like a classy mall. Everything is quite expensive but luckily I was taught at an early age how to window shop. Usually I get started at the polo section, checking out some premium polo grey pyjamas and then I make my way to the perfume section and ponder whether or not I’m into perfume. 

The final destination at NK is often the most expensive shop, don’t remember what it’s called… It’s always fun to try out some complicated pants that I’ll probably never afford to buy :- ). 

Snickars Records 

This is probably one of the most important shops in Stockholm. Kind of obvious to have a record shop on this list but I have to! I started hanging out at Snickars when I was 12 — Mika, who runs the place, is like the Bruce Wayne of DJ culture and music knowledge in Stockholm. Plus, they've always got coffee and like to chill. 

Framtids Antiken

This is a good shop for future-retro eyewear. Recently I’ve been into Grandma type shades and they got that covered. Basically, they've got a bunch of stuff for a super good price! When you walk into the shop your imagination explodes and it feels like everything is OK. 

Kimama Ramen 

This is a nice noodle shop. They've got a bunch of nice soups. To me, it’s the comfort food from my childhood. My Lola used to make me the American chicken noodle soup. At Kimama they go for a more “authentic” touch and thats cool as well, I guess. Anyways, good food! 


This is actually a district of Stockholm which is kind of rich. I like it here, to walk around and look at people. There’s a lot of weird stores and old rich people who look kool. I usually spend a lot of my day thinking about nothing and doing nothing until I really need to do something; that act of being really unproductive is mostly spent in Vasastan. 


This is a nice bar that is close to a bridge in the middle of the city. The people there have no problems with pouring prosecco into regular drink glasses with a bit of ice. I like that. There is also a very pretty lady who works in the bar. I guess it’s kind of creepy of me to drop that. Sorry :-(. Anyways, nice place, kind of cheap drinks and ok food. Life is good? 

Café Valand

This is a nice café, I like it a bit too much to mention it 🙁 They serve really strong and almost burnt coffee. Also, there is no possibility to charge your computer or phone or anything! So that’s nice 🙂 It’s really calm and there is no stress. Only calm vibes, which is really nice if you stress out a lot. 

Catch Baba Stiltz at Plastic People on Thursday 27th November, click here for tickets.

Hear his new track 'Sun Dance' here;