Psychogeography: #21 – Cazeria Cazador In Santiago


Since 2015 a Chilean record label has been involved in the curation of underground parties and the development of a local scene. Cazeria Cazador have released music from local talent and are set to release a new five track compilation next month. Santiago is a place unfamiliar to many and not stereotypically charted for its involvement in electronic music, this is largely due to strict rule from the local authorities and police. We caught up with the label as they take us on a tour of the capital city. 

"The places below represent some of the most visited pieces in this puzzle called Santiago. We chose places that represent not only us but the city and it's lifestyle from our perspective. These are mainly within downtown where we mostly hang, work, party and eat.

Some of this places cannot be visited all the time since they're open only for cultural purposes, for specific timeframes. But if you are in town come and visit. Those places are the most important for us since they let us express what we do freely without any restriccions whatsoever. Above all, we want to show our music and generate spaces where people can enjoy, listen, dance and just being themselves, no place to pretend."


This park goes from Baquedano Square (Plaza Baquedano) to Manuel Antonio Matta Ave. It's not that big but has really nice spaces, a skatepark, a public library with a cafÈ, an anfitheatre, childrens playgrounds, excercise spots, green areas and is surrounded by restaurants and buildings. It's near the studio so we pass though here a lot.


We can't reveal the exact location but this place has been around for a long time and this past year it has been a venue in which we've organised a lot of stuff in collaboration with Rinskitin collective (RNSKTN). A friend of ours let us use the space and although it's sometimes hard we are very grateful for this. It feels like home. Crazy things have been going on here since the early 2000's. It will re-open soon as we will launch our upcoming vinyl release there (CZCZ V/A Vol.I – Virus Artists), if you are in town you should definitely stop by!


Located in VicuÒa Mackenna Ave. and Arturo Burhle, this "Fuente de soda" (Classic miscelaneous and fast food chilean restaurant) is a must pit stop before and/or after a big day. Expect good prices, poor service, big portions of food and a lot of Mayo. We recommend a nice "Vienesa Italia", a variety of Chilean hotdog aka "Completo". There are also many other options from french fries to "Lomito" (pork meat sandwiches) and salads to deserts, classic dishes, beer, etc. Definitely a good place to go with friends when starving.


This is an annonymous collective that has taken over houses in Santiago for repair and for the use of cultural gatherings. In the picture below you can see the latest and most used one which is secret as well. One of the most crazy parties happened here in recent months. We are very happy to see it now functioning and giving experiences to people that they won't forget. We seriously believe is one of the best spots at the moment for the house itself and the limitless philosophy it evokes. International artists are coming down to play here soon so be aware. You can follow OS12 in social network to be updated.


Located within the historical part of downtown, lies a famous pedestrian street called Paseo Huerfanos, only for people to walk. It's a classical CafÈ from downtown where you stop by and drink coffee standing on your feet with high tables and a bar. It's been dubbed as a misogynist place because the only people that wait the tables are women dressed in tight clothes and it's know for being a "gentleman's" cafÈ, though we just go there for the Coffee we don't really care about who waits the table, could be anybody. Besides, the girls there look quite happy doing their job, they are very much respected. It's not a strip club, is just an old and classic place to go and have a nice coffee while walking the city center.

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