Psychogeography: #17 – Neue Grafik In Paris


The tail end of last year saw the release of an EP from the increasingly formidable Wolf Music. Neue Grafik delivered a five track EP which was packed with a nod to jazz, funk, soul and house. With luxurious layered textures and dustry drums the release was his first for the London based record label. 

Based in the French capital the young Parisian has perfected a sound which could well be mistaken for having originated from an older musician. His taste and sense of musicality is far beyond his years. 

Following the release of his new EP we felt that he might be the perfect person to provide some insight into the Parisian lifestyle as a young, upcoming musician. He photographs the city and writes below…

"Welcome to another vision of Paris, this city is always in movement, but when you take the time to walk and appreciate what is going on around you, the culture, the poetry, the architecture, you can always find a crush immediately and fall in love…"  

Porte des Lilas

"Located in the North East of Paris (at 10 minutes of the Buttes Chaumont), this area is a real inspiration. You can be touched by the feeling and the poetry of this place. Between cars and sad people, you are in touch with all casts of society. A lot of artists live there, rent is cheaper and the takeaway restaurant Mc Doudou is always a treat."

Châtelet / Hotel de Ville

"If you have time, don't hesitate to go in the little streets of this pleasant area. Bars, shops, restaurants, jazz gigs, exhibition, museums… Always something to do there! Not far from Le Marais, another interesting place. You can just hang out and discover some paintings (in Beaubourg or in some little galleries). If you like the photography around Hotel de Ville, you must visit the MEP (Maison Européenne de la Photographie)."

La Machine Du Moulin Rouge

"One of the hottest clubs in Paris. When you are in the right party, you can really feel what Paris is all about (like during the events « Dancing Heroes » or « Tap Water Jam », my personal favorites)."

Groove Store

"A little vinyl shop around Place de Clichy. Especially advised for the jazz and funk lovers."

Fondation Louis Vuitton

"A marvelous architecture of Frank Gehry, this foundation often receives some of the most beautiful exhibitions in the city (Olafur Eliason, Shchukin's Collection…)."

Gare de Lyon

"Concrete, Nuits Fauves, Bator and some cool bars on the edge of La Seine are all located in this area. All the young parisians dance there. If you’re into soul, hip hop, broken beat, house and the spirit of dancers, you will love Djoon alsol. All the best DJs play in these clubs at the moment."

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