Psychogeography: #14 – Makam In Than Sadet


Today saw the surprise announcement of Makam's latest album on Dekmantel. It followed on from the sampler EP which was released earlier this year. 

The influences across the record stem from time spent in Thailand and the resulting body of work is diverse, colourful and inspired. Drawing upon the influences found within the sunshine and sea Makam has produced an album which is far removed from the clubs which he is used to playing. It's distant, dreamy and tropical. He describes his attachment to Than Sadet below, a beach which has helped to craft and inspire the sound of his new album. 

‘‘Than Sadet is a secluded beach on an island in Thailand. A mysterious atmosphere haunts it. It’s windy and the weather is always a bit worse compared to the rest of the isle. There are many cliffs and you can’t swim because the waves are too high. Four years ago I visited Than Sadet for the first time and I’ve been coming back ever since. At one point I decided to bring my studio equipment. For a week, I dedicated my days to making music. Those sketches formed the basis of the album.’’ 

"This is a place where time doesn’t exist and life follows a very different rhythm. Simplicity rules in this little paradise and it’s a place which I try to visit every year. Forces of nature dictate the day, a magical place that feels like home to me." 

Mai Pen Rai

If you ever wonder if there is a place on earth where you don’t have to worry about anything: it’s here. Mai Pen Rai has several beach houses and bungalows on the rocks. The continuous sound of the waves that washes ashore leave you in a light trance. Staring at the sea from your hammock and you will feel your worries slowly melt away… 

Buddah’s bridge

This completely handmade wooden bridge takes you from Than Sadet beach to Resort Abandoned and Buddha’s Temple. A place that gives you a kind of Peter Pan feeling. Massive lizards swim around the bridge and some days the waves are so high that leaving the bungalow over there is not an option.

Mr Singh

Than Sadet’s local enlightened Buddha is a man called Mr. Singh. A Buddhist that mastered the art of massage to the degree that he’s known for his fire massages. He literally put his feet in burning oil and start ‘walking’ over your back.

Than Sadet Waterfalls

These smooth waterfalls have attracted wandering souls for many many years… even the Thai Kings found their resort in mystic place and carved their initials in the rocks around the falls. 

Resort Abandoned

If you cross Buddah’s Brigde and search for a hidden path, you will reach Resort Abandoned. Many years ago this was resort on a beach next to Than Sadet. For some unknown reason they closed it… It feels haunted and eerie, as it looks like everyone suddenly left and never returned…

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