Psychogeography: #13 – Moscoman In Tel Aviv


What do you know about Tel Aviv? A lot? A little?  Regardless of your predisposition, we here at Ransom Note have got you covered. It turns out that we just happen to have a man who knows the city like the back of his hand. We have enlisted none other than Tel Aviv's very own Moscoman to guide you through the nooks and crannies of this great city. Over to him…

"Welcome to Tel Aviv. Located pretty much nowhere near the modern world, living in the bubble of Tel Aviv is the only thing that can keep you sane in this hectic part of the globe.

Today, Tel Aviv is the home of many amazing new artists and of sounds that are turning heads around the globe. The likes of Red Axes, Autarkic and Naduve are leading the way for the electronic scene, along with the help of these 5 key spots in the city that never really sleeps."

Blackhole Records

Probably the oldest vinyl shop in Tel Aviv, there are many many new shops opening, but Blackhole still keep it vibes with reasonable prices and wide selection, great for getting some inspiration.

Port Said

No doubt the best food in the world, and trust me i’ve seen a place or two. Add to that one of the biggest vinyl collections imaginable and the most amazing of tel aviv selectors, and you're onto a winner. When I’m home I sit there every night. 

Geola Beach 

In the high summer, it's the perfect spot to unwind before the night begins, don’t show up before 6pm, its too hot. You can find Tel Aviv finest around.


Used to be where the Port Said was at some point, now its Settled in the beautiful Romano complex where you can find most of the town’s producers studios + the finest new Restaurant, Romano. Teder is the home for broadcasted music, cheap booze, amazing DJs, Live shows, weird events, and pretty much whatever is cool in Tel Aviv.


The place where nights come to die, the only place that is open 24/7, all year round, when you need an extra hour for your night, or hungry after 3am , you will be welcomed with cold beer, music played from winamp, and great food."

Moscoman has just released a remix of "Ciquita" on R$N Records. Grab it HERE

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