Psychogeography: #12: Benjamin Milz’ Frankfurt


Young gun and Frankfurt denizen Benjamin Milz is the latest fresh faced addition to the renowned Live At Robert Johnson label. After contributing to the Frankfurt Tracks 12” on Chiwax, Milz has struck upon a mature sound on his standalone debut Basic Motions, an even tempered but propulsive excursion through progressive acid and ethereal house. In the week of its release and on the verge of LARJ’s 17th anniversary celebrations, we sought out Milz for a whistlestop guide to Frankfurt, the city that both LARJ and Milz calls home. Read his article and listen to a sneak preview of the new EP below:

C.A.Sa. ViP

I often go there because it’s one of my best friend’s family business and you get to eat the best Pasta in town. 

He also makes music and recently started his own label, heavy stuff!

Tactile – Futuretro Record Store

Tactile is definitely my favorite record store in town. The owner Klaus cares for a broad variety of genres and you can find new as well as second hand vinyl. 

Also it’s the HQ of Soundmirror – run by Klaus & my friend Orson Wells. 
Check out the upcoming release:


Palmengarten is a neat place for the winter! To me it’s kind of an urban retreat. You can sit in a huge greenhouse, that’s actually pretty nice. I also like the jungle-sound loop that’s running in the background.

Café Koz

This feels a bit like a home-base to me. Along with Emil aka Toni Moralez & Orson, I play there once a month (every third Thursday). It’s not the classic kind of club, but they do have a sweet sound system, the entry is free and the drinks are cheap – which is kind of rare for Frankfurt.

Doctor Flotte

Dr. Flotte looks like it hasn’t changed for 30 years (interior and people included). A classic pub where I often go to play darts with my friends. It’s right next to Café Koz.

Dalli Dalli Pilsstübchen

Giovanni’s got everything you need when you’re hungover and everything’s closed. A real lifesaver when I’m up late and need some refreshments or cigarettes.

For more info on Benjamin Milz and Live At Robert Johnson look HERE. Thanks to Tim Wilson for co-ordinating the feature.





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