You + Internship = Ransom Note


The good ship R$N is evolving and we're looking for someone to come on the journey with us.

2012 is already looking like it's going to be the most exciting yet for this lowly filter of words, music and tickets.
Does your mind think at a million miles a minute? Are you constantly having ideas about the ever changing online world?
Are you interested in popular culture, music, film, arts, words, strange and weird stuff or all of the above? Do you have a fine attention to detail and are prepared for a fair bit of (at times) mind-numbing but simple and vital  computeristic back end business?

If so, we'd recommend you get in touch.
There's a number of opportunities opening up. Get in early for the ride.

Ransom Note as you may have gathered hits inboxes of tastemakers, lunatics who don't have real jobs as well as your true music, club and culture heads across London and beyond every Thursday morning.
From cutting edge music reviews to film reviews, art, literature, culturalisticness, new world musings and everything in between, before and after, plus the pick of upcoming events at London and beyond’s clubs, bars, weddings, discos, kebab shops and anywhere else someone cares to throw a party.

If you’re interested in getting involved with us drop a little mail on why your square peg could fit in our round hole. (Not a euphemism!