Weed Vending Machines To Hit America


Honestly, we're not trolling you. The medical marijuana company American Green have developed a machine that will vend all manner of cannabis related products to the happy stoners of Colorado. The state has a r evolutionarily liberal approach to the drug, with current legislation allowing an adult to own up to 6 plants, and any one person- over the age of 21- to give another person- also over 21- up to an ounce of high grade, entirely legally, for purely recreational purposes. Say what?

Taking advantage of this, American Green has done the next logical American step – monetise that shit. As a result they've knocked up a vending machine that's packed with bud, hemp drinks, and, presumably, endless supplies of king skins and M&Ms. Apparently you'll need all sorts of ID and biometric scanning yadda yadda to actually use the machine. We'd posit that tipping the fucker on its side and grabbing what you can will probably prove just as popular. 

Watch this baby in action: