Video: Watch Google’s 6 Foot Robot Stomp Through Woodland. Be Afraid.


Yes, it's true that at times we at R$N Towers may be inclined to view The Terminator as a finely-paced documentary rather than a slightly paranoid horror fantasy centred around Bavarian accented deathbots. But then stories like this break and we know we were right all along. 

Google – via subsidary Boston Dynamics – have released a video showing their newly created 6-foot tall bi-pedal robot overlord humanoid walking, unaided, out and about in the real world. Admittedly, the creature is a bit unsteady, lurching through woodland like a shiny metal pisshead, but give it a couple of years and we thoroughly expect one of these to be sprinting through the bushes faster than you can say 'Kill John Connor'.

Ominously, the video features the science bod in charge of the project revealing that 'sometimes we just kick the robot' as footage plays of a wrecking ball smacking into the thing. Yeah, that's right mate, great idea; mistreat it. No chance of that backfiring and leading to an embittered computer mainframe conquering the ENTIRE PLANET.