Ukip Supporters Try And Ban Book Of Blank Pages


So, look, the thing is we'd never give any coverage to UKIP nutters if they didn't keep on pulling off comedy gold. This time round the Facebook group EDL News has got wind of a new cracker- Farage's barmy army have got themselves all in a tizzy over a book on Amazon – so much so that they're calling for Amazon to remove it from sale – WAITAMINUTE! I hear you cry – Surely the only people that want to ban books are the filthy Muslamics who want to stop people in GREAT BRITAIN from READING because then they'll learn the TRUTH about immigrant benefit GAY LabLibConDem Bongo BONGO ? Or something? 

Well, apparently it cuts both ways, and a slew of Kippers have got the right arse. Here's the book in question:

Nigel Farage - the wit and wisdom

A quick persual of the Amazon product page reveals – quite clearly – that (wait for it…) the book is a collection of empty pages. Yes, that's right, it's a slightly crap spoof of a book. However, it transpires that a selection of UKIP voters were in such a state of sweaty palmed anticipation to get hold of Niggy's pissed rambling that they didn't notice the book was a joke, and just went ahead and forked out the £3 or so to buy the thing.  Would it surprise you to hear that they are less than amused? So much so that some of them are now demanding the book be withdrawn from sale. Unsurprisingly, Amazon have suggested they piss off, leaving a trail of sputtering nationalists, as demonstrated on this suitably enraged facebook post

UKIP rage

At this stage we have to doff our cap to Amazon staff member Andrew Cole for spelling it out: "If we didn't sell people to sell goods, especially books, purely on the basis that they're opposed to someone else's opinion, then I believe we would have very few items to sell at all…"

If the UKIP massive are really pissed off about this, I hear there was a similar case with a problematic book from some fella called Salmon Rushdie a few years back, and those jihad chaps really seemed to know how to bring pressure to bear on the situation, maybe take a 'leaf' (arf) out of their 'book' (sorry, couldn't resist).