Ukip Candidate Releases Anti-Eu Cover Of Three Lions


As the EU referendum vote draws closer, people around Britain are bracing themselves for months of silly bollocks from both the 'in' and 'out' camps. We've already had Iain Duncan Smith claiming that if we stay in Europe we're more likely to all get murdered in a terrorist massacre (interestingly, many people feel that if we bomb countries in the Middle East with no discernable game plan we're more likely to all get murdered in a terrorist massacre, but- like so much else in this universe- that one appears to have slipped IDS by). On the slightly less fear-mongering but equally bonkers tip, we have a bit of light entertainment from UKIP parliamentry candidate Mandy Boylett. Unsurprisngly Mandy wants England out of the EU – and what better way to get her message across than by donning a racy Union Jack outfit and flipping the words of terrace anthem Three Lions to some stuff about fishing quotas. Here it is:



Buzzfeed Politics managed to grab an interview with Mandy, who broke two startling pieces of news 1) the video cost under £100 to make and 2) that's not two red hot British babes in the video – it's just Mandy as a brunette and Mandy in a blonde wig! Yes! Who knew!

Whilst I'm pretty sure that Mandy is, by and large, an alright human who loves her kids and dog as much as the next true Brit, this video is seriously freaking me out – it has the aesthetic and musical content of something you'd witness 5 minutes before getting your teeth knocked through the back of your head in a locals pub in Maidstone (speaking from experience here). I may well be a liberal, effete metropolitan tart – in let's face it; I clearly am – but I'll take Parisians nicking our fish over this sub Butlins taste of the England-that-could-be every time. Please, please God don't let us vote out…