Today Is International Cat Day


Cats have always been an integral part of our philosophy here at Ransom Note. They were here at the beginning in 2009 and are embedded in our new V4.0 website (check out our psychedelic cat button in the borders of EVERY page). They obviously take a podium finish in our new 'mission statement' (do people still call them that?)

"Alongside this we offer musings on film, books, life, and art, generating some context and controversy as an antidote to the reheated PR that clogs up the internet. Our office is fuelled by Tunnock’s Bars, cat memes, hangovers and a ridiculous, never ending love for our culture."

Anyway enough of us, here's some of our recent faves…


Kitten Olympics are in full swing

If you feel you could rehome a cat, take a look HERE.


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