This week’s Future; we’re not afraid, jumping on Quicksand &the art of Djing.


“To say a DJ is only as good as what occurs in the minutes he blends the tracks together is basically saying that we are some kind of flesh jukebox. When you pay to hear a DJ you are buying a ticket to knowledge.” Tim Sheridan

I like men who have a future and women who have a past Oscar Wilde

I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.  William Allen White

“Before you commit to a bad decision, write your future self a letter explaining why you are making that choice.”

Write a letter to your future self – oh the internet… you can do pretty much everything and anything… and at the same time nothing! 

Like the picture on the right? There’s other stuff lke that here.

Good piece in Mixmag by Mr Sheridan: Is It EDM killing The Art of DJing

Anyway, who said digital DJing killed the creative streak in the DJ?
Click image below…press syyyyyyync… done… walk away. Shit pub gak… off we go! 

Amazing! I love the bit in the top right corner for Automix

Great letter from Steve Albini to Nirvana before the recording of In Utero…

Press play… oooh quicksand yeah yeah quicksand mate…

Bug.. it’s a good looking bug too.

Wasteman’s on the rampage again this weekend… 
It’ll go from this:

To this on Sunday night…

I fully appreciate I’ve used First Big weekend twice in two weeks but it’s what I think about when I read his pieces