This Week…Clothes, Highway Codes & Pot Noodle Vending Machines


"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." M. Twain

"I hate clothes, okay? I hate buying them. I hate picking them out of my closet. I can't stand every day trying to come up with little outfits for myself. I think eventually fashion won't even exist. It won't. I think eventually we'll all be wearing the same thing. 'Cause anytime I see a movie or a TV show where there's people from the future of another planet, they're all wearing the same thing. Somehow they decided "This is going to be our outfit. One-piece silver jumpsuit, V-stripe, andboots. That's it." We should come up for an outfit for earth. An earth outfit. We should vote on it. Candidates propose different outfits, no speeches. They walk out, twirl, walk off. We just sit in the audience and go, "That was nice. I could wear that."

"Have you ever noticed how album has the word bum in it?" AT,

"Have you read the highway code?"
"Yes it says knock you cunts over. "

Pot fucking noodle vending machine…

With thanks to Mr Broadbent for the main image after we were alerted to scarfolk


Cat Eyed Peas kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Abandoned cities…

Something is stirring… 

Ciaran will be back next week with much better stuff! 

Ta ra… xx