This Week


Jesus christ, Haiti! As if they needed this on top of everything else that’s happened to them from years of the dictatorship of Papa Doc. DEC’s appeal is now up and running. Donate here

Feels a bit wrong to post a load of lighter stuff in contrast to the above but… let’s not bring us down completely.

Ever wondered how to open a wine bottle with a shoe? yeah me too… well wonder no longer!! Turn your computer into a real-life fishtank. Watch it in large size and it’s a great high quality fish video plus ipod advert style silhouettes.
Yemen is clearly a bit of a dodgy place with the t-e-r-r-o-r-i-s-t problem etc, but the capital looks spectacular. Links courtesy of my brother and louis this week… in fact maybe I need to give them a whole links page all to themselves!!

Check the music musings for some fantastic blog posts from my friend Joe C’s whitenoiserevisited and Ian’s superlative reviews (oh my word, have a listen to that Skepta record he’s reviewed. An example of how Taio got it so right and this got it soooo wrong!!) below.

Ta ra x


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