This Week… Your Boyfriend’s Favourite Band Is Hoobastank


"I've found a reason for me" – Hoobastank

"To change who I used to be" – Hoobastank

"A reason to start over new" – Hoobastank

"And the reason is you" – Hoobastank

Right, this week we aren't going to talk about politics – AT ALL

So, kicking things off let's start with a story about baked beans. The following is an extract taken from this Guardian article and leaves us with many unanswered questions…

"Steve Smith, 41, was looking forward to a quick, easy meal after getting home late from a busy day at work.

But when he opened a multipack tin of Heinz baked beans ready to tuck in, he was shocked to discover there was only one bean and some bean juice. On average, a Heinz tin contains about 465 beans."

Question 1: Why is this news? 

Question 2: Surely he would have been able to assess that there was only one bean inside based upon the weight of the tin when purchasing? 

Question 3: Why is this news, again?

Meanwhile, the Stereophonics are looking for extras for their new music video… I wish we were lying… 

The Boiler Room conundrum was solved forever…

Twitter was at it again

Anyway, all in all this week was pretty rubbish, it turns out it's quite hard not to talk about politics…

Until next time xoxoxox