This Week… You know I love a London boy


"Somebody had to do it. I am the chosen one. Somebody had to do it." – D Trump

"I hate boots that go over the thigh, what are they? Are they boots? Are they trousers?" – A King

"You know I love a London boy, I enjoy nights in Brixton
Shoreditch in the afternoon"
– T Swift

It was a strange, lucid reality, where some baby was trying to buy a big icy island and a clown with silly hair put his feet on the table during an important pitch at work. Then I woke up…


Luckily enough Taylor Swift has found L.O.V.E, and she’s penned a heartfelt ditty to her new Cockney squeeze. It’s absolutly fucking spot on if you ask me, hearing it makes me feel like I’m at Stratford Westfield or something.

Let's take a second to analyse;

You know I love a London boy
I enjoy walking Camden Market in the afternoon
He likes my American smile, like a child when our eyes meet
Darling, I fancy you
Took me back to Highgate, met all of his best mates
So I guess all the rumors are true
You know I love a London boy
Boy, I fancy you (Ooh)

No one likes Camden Market unless you’re 19 and from a provincial Somerset and you’ve got some time to pass before going to see Death Cab For Cutie.

So please show me Hackney
Doesn't have to be Louis V up on Bond Street
Just wanna be with you
Wanna be with you

I get this one, there is a Louis V outlet store just behind that big Tesco.

And now I love high tea, stories from Uni, and the West End
You can find me in the pub, we are watching rugby with his school friends
Show me a gray sky, a rainy cab ride
Babe, don't threaten me with a good time
They say home is where the heart is

But God, I love the English

Taylor Swift’s boyfriend sounds like a Tory that went to Warwick

Its festival season, and I feel there’s a festival for everything these days.

If I wanted to dress like a wanker and surround myself with cunts I’d go hang out in Camden Market with Taylor Swift thank you very much…