This week in karate lessons, horse sized ducks and some ‘rock’ music.


"Missing’ woman unknowingly joins search for herself." Eventually it occurred to the "missing" woman that she could very well be the person everyone was looking for, and she promptly reported herself as safe and sound to police." Nice work.

"In an era of previously unimagined opportunities for exploring the far-off and strange, we want mainly to stare at ourselves."

Mr President, would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

Mr. President, do you feel that there is a problem with the "revolving door" of congressmen and prominent lobbyists? For an example, I'd point to former Senator Dodd, now the chief lobbyist for the MPAA. Is there anything to be done about it?
I'm pretty sure I know why obama didn't answer this question. Obama talks and answers or rather doesn't in this case live on Reddit

If I've got a big meeting I need to get pumped up for I like to put on some 'Rock music'. Antony Jenkins.

"I honestly think we're seeing a more profound change, for mapmaking, than the switch from manuscript to print in the Renaissance," says the University of London cartographic historian Jerry Brotton. Interesting article on Google and Apple's digital mapping.  "When Google glasses, currently in prototype, can project directions, or reviews of the restaurant you're looking at, directly into your visual field, what does the word "map" mean anymore?"
So, Barclays Bank has a new CE Oh I didn't realise we'd fixed interest rates… he likes to put on Rock music if he's got a big meeting or if he needs to relax then some Jazz! He's cool. 

Is it the fact that the Olympics was all over the BBC and it's 150,000 red button channels or is the Paralympics going a little under the radar… as someone in the pub last night made a very good point… why would you have a closing ceremony (for the Olympics) and then another opening ceremony (for the Paralympics)… then another closing ceremony. It just confuses people. Why no just have one almighty closer instead… especially in light of that stinker of a closing ceremony… no Wil, you're being unkind…

'Zuck, now it's time to give something back' Good article about a company's social responsibility… and how facebook have invested nothing in Europe.

Only a startup mentality can thrive in the chaos era… apparently.

"Whenever there’s a problem in the modern world, we try to solve it by building barriers. Music piracy? Copy protection. Hacked Web sites? More complicated passwords.
Unfortunately, these barriers generally inconvenience the law-abiding citizen and do very little to impede the bad guys. Serious music pirates and Web hackers still find their way through."

150,000 hours each day wasted on deciphering captcha text.

Infographic evolution of the Olympics….

Conspiracy Theories Illustrated Using Plastic Model Kits:

Not sure if I'm into slipsum or not. Can't decide.

Christian Fennesz, David Sylvian : Transit. All provided by voice, guitars and clouds. Bit harsh but interesting…

Some funny signs, some not so… click here or below.

Justin Bieber 800% Slower… actually amazing.

Already been over this one but let's go back again… freecabinporn

51 Free Tools to Stay Informed and Invisible on the Internet

Apparently, rain makes everything better…

Watch the video here!!

What does the groove of a record look like?

Data storage record smashed…


Just caught my cat in the kitchen…

Amazing video of Amnesia closing… 

Superb Bugged In! selection on the new Erol Alkan Another Bugged Out mix album…  featuring this little beauty. Been trying to buy this record for ages, now it's £120! Probably even more when this album comes out… thanks Erol! 

Clouds are lifting…