This Week… Under The Sea!


“Racism is a much more clandestine, much more hidden kind of phenomenon, but at the same time it’s perhaps far more terrible than it’s ever been.” – Angela Davis

Yes that’s right, that’s where they should all be buried. Right under the depths of the murky blue ocean, all the traders, colonoialists and the racists.

Past, present and future; we are coming for ’em so let’s send them right down to the bottom, then they will know what true darkness is. 

These past weeks have been a time to take stock, to regroup and refocus on what is truly important; equality, diversity, integrity, respect and humanity. Let’s get it! 

p.s – f**k Tommy Robinson and his racist band of eggs with legs headed towards the capital this weekend to cause trouble and “defend” our Great British identity. To be honest, these days I’m not even sure what that Great British identity is because in all honesty it seems as though it loosely translates to basically being a massive shameful, unapologetic c**t. 

Anyway, if you were reading any of that and either disagreed or needed us to tell you that then it might not be wise to read Ransom Note anymore. So long!

Meanwhile the virus continues to rampage across the world. However, this week Boris basically announced that it’s now permitted to sh*g your mates again, sort of. Only one though, not more than that. Just one. Pick wisely people. Choose well, no pressure. 

Or perhaps this will put you off. 

JK Rowling has also been up to her usual s**thousery, imagine having that much money and still being that stupid. It doesn’t buy you brains is all i’m saying. Oh and Prince Andrew is still on the loose

Anyway, here’s the internet I guess…