This Week Two Two Twelve


"I'd suggest getting a balaclava if you've not got one and try wearing 2 or even 3 pairs of gloves! To put the cold in perspective, i went for a smoke this morning, was outside for 5mins and my nostrils and eyelashes froze!!!" Cool, looking forward to lapland next week then…

"Parts of Wales and the West Midlands could be down to minus double figures by tomorrow…" BBC Weather… I don't feel so bad now!

John Heseltine, the founder of Cherrygood, says: ‘Mums have been telling us how much their children love drinking Cherrygood for breakfast and that they would love a smaller version to pop in their lunchboxes. We listened and created Cherry Burst. Cherry Burst is not just for children though. We’ve already discovered that lots of dads are tucking them into their briefcases to drink at work as an alternative to tea and coffee and mums are taking them to the gym to rehydrate after exercise.’  The wonderous world of spam continues, this time courtesy of Mr Henderson.

"So if these ass-f^&*s in DC decide to ruin the internet, here’s how to access your favorite sites in the event of a DNS takedown"

"I'm the least greedy person you ever met, ever" H. Redknapp

One boy refuses to read so I told him to sit very still and contemplate his fate. Now every morning loads of them put their hands up and say 'Miss can I do that thing about the plates?"

So big freeze, snow a comin! Bout bloody time too… tho still not having a window pain in the bedroom isn't ideal. Still I'm thinking I might head to Lapland for a week… seems better there. Apparently it's -24 there at the moment and you can't feel your toes most of the time… cool.

Apparently the Northern Lights are at their most vivid than they have been for 50 years. This looks almost not real. Do you like the music, I wrote it. I like to call it Trip Hop Chill Out:

So Chrissy Huney's in a bit of trouble isn't he?!

Got a pops takeover going on this week:

Wow, I want to get an ipad just for this:

This week's cover story

What is consiousness

Really great long exposure aeroplane photography. Especially like this one: – exactly what it says on the tin.

Pixels by Jean Creation

PIXELS by PATRICK JEAN. by onemoreprod

Sonic Boom Meets Sun Dog About 1 minute 14 seconds after liftoff the vehicle went supersonic. The shock wave obliterated a sun dog.

The world's largest wooden structure – more photos here:

I ain't got no iphone no more but check this pretty exciting 360º video capture for the iPhone 4

Bit morbid… but Top 5 regrets of the dying.

Kind of weird, kind of cute…

Schisser, getting dark… beautiful sunset. Me go Nico.
Speak when I'm cold next week.
Love you