This Week… Time for an Inquisition!


“In a well run entity what would have happened here is essentially, in my opinion, you would have had a dictator.” 

Few things have been as entertaining of late as Dominic Cummings explosive hearing. This week the former adviser to Boris Johnson told tall tales about squabbling politicians and their reckless abandon on live television. He even managed to sneak in a cheeky F bomb at 10:30AM on the BBC – the stuff of absolute legends.

The seven hour affair featured wild and wonderful stories about Boris thinking it would be a good idea to get infected with the “kung flu virus” live on television, whether bombing the Middle East or a story about Carrie Symonds dog should take precedent in the press, Matt Hancock’s dodgy whatsapp messages, spiderman memes and much, much more. This was real life ‘The Thick Of It’ with no holds barred drama and deceipt at every turn. It made for absolutely essential midweek work from home viewing.

Scrap Line of Duty, big Dom should have a show which airs prime time on a Sunday night from now on, I know I’d watch it. 

Ah well, at least it isn’t just our politicians who seem to be absolutely useless. Check out this guy who was caught taking a wee on a parliamentary zoom call… just months are last being caught naked on another parliamentary zoom call. We’ve all been there… right? 

Back on home soil, drug dealers are having a tough time. It seems as if no conversation is sacred after the police found a way to bust this lad through the use of cutting edge technology and blue cheese…. 

Anyway, it’s the weekend, you should have finished up by now… Here’s the last of the internet!