This Week… there’s a new gang in town and a stateless scandal


"You'll find that no pride is greater than the pride that comes with being thick. Britain is filled with people who are really proud of their stupidity." – Andrew O'Hagan

"Beans have a soul." – Pythagoras

"I'd rather guide my dad into my mum than that…" – Social Media

Politics is silly… This week saw the formation of a brand new party made up of the type of people who's idea of a good time probably involves a Friday night in with the one show and missionary sex. The type of people who enjoy Adam Sandler movies, All Bar One and decorate their house with tacky quotes like 'live, love, laugh'. Anyway, this tweet sums up the situation better than I can so…


Moving on….

Remeber that song "Return Of The Mack"? Well, the Jihadi Bride wants to do the same, except with more bombs and a sinister undertone… At least there may be some value in the whole situation though…

What next? 

Anyway, in social media news 'Rate My Plate' has captured the heart and soul of the nation, is there anything funnier than taking the piss out of shockingly bad meals made in the wonderful kitchens of Britain… Here are a few of our favourite highlights… 

Nothing like a good distraction from the impending doom and death which looms over us all… 

Now what else do we have to grumble about? 

Well, this week The Brits were held in London once again. That's that event in which famous people celebrate how famous their records are despite having little to no relevance to ninety percent of the population in the slightest. Aphex Twin was up for one, didn't win though. George Ezra did. Seems fair. 


And on that note we will leave you… good morning.