This Week… Tennis & Tyrants


"I believe in benevolent dictatorship provided I am the dictator." – Richard Branson

"I've always tried to retain that childlike wonder." – Rolf Harris

"I feel like my whole life only tennis." Li Na 

Hold my strawberries, sh*ts about to get real. This week is back and there's been a whole lot going on that we need to address… 

Tommy Robinson is back in the slammer which is perhaps the best news of the summer. He didn't go down without a fight though might we add. Oh no… He entertained us all after posting a video on social media requesting asylum from Donald Trump claiming a breach of his human rights. Yes, that's correct, a man who has based his entire argument on the hatred of immigrants and asylum seekers then asks for asylum. You couldn't write this sh*t. Seriously… Anyway there's little more to add here other than that it's a very funny video… 

Elsewhere, it's tennis season. People have been hitting each others balls to and fro, left right and centre. Crowds have gathered to watch them swing back and forth out on the lawn. There's even commentators and champagne. It's wonderful really. Truly wonderful… 

Anyway, what are you up to this weekend? Off to a festival? Lucky you… 

Elsewhere, in the entertainment industry Countdown got frisky. Mental health got solved. Liverpool was Liverpool and haters gonna hate

Meanwhile, in America a great mystery has been solved and now we can all use the bathroom knowing that we are safe and secure. 

So, how are all my veggies doing? 

And your social life?

And your diet? 

And your work? 

At least you are taking care of yourself yeah?

And your marriage?