This Week… Techno Fashion & Greggs


"I think all trance DJs deep down are embarrassed by what they play. They take it on the chin! They know deep down that they’re playing watered-down techno.” – Dave Clarke

"Chris Martin is a modern day Shakespeare." – Jay Z

“It’s that good. It is.” – TJ Miller

It's been a big week in the world of dance music, everyone's fucked off to Dekmantel and those of us left behind are left with empty inboxes and gloriously large amounts of free time. Time to explore the deepest darkest recesses of the web eh? Eh? EH?! No, not like that… the office isn't quite ready for that sort of thing

Anyway, this week Greggs announced that they would be launching a BRAND NEW DRIVE THROUGH service. All over the country men, women, children, goats, cows and benefit scroungers rejoiced for now they would be able to buy a steak bake through the window of their car without having to even enter the realm of the outdoors. Heaven forbid.

I joke but in all honesty, I like a chicken bake so who am I to judge? So does this guy… 

Elsewhere Samantha Cameron (that's the wife of that bloke who pumped a pig) was interviewed by Harper's Bazaar within which the following quote was taken….

"A placard that reads 'Calm down dear it's only a recession' leans up against the window behind the sink"

To be honest though if I found out that my husband had been at it with porky the pig then perhaps i'd be out losing the plot buying witty 'novelty' signs to entertain my Tory pals at dinner too. 

On the other side of the pond the BBC reported on a "Ghostly radio station that no one claims to run". First of all that headline is misleading as blatantly someone does, it didn't appear out of bloody thin air – perhaps it's a forthcoming Burial album or Aphex Twin is attempting to communicate with aliens. Or, did Ransom Note go global and hit the international airwaves? I GUESS WE WILL NEVER EVER KNOW, MAYBE. 

Pan Pot made the press as they prepare to release a new line of clothing. That's those two blokes who make techno on Mobilee and what not… Anyway, their truly groundbreaking approach to design and ingenuity has led to what might be the biggest breakthrough in techno since Mad Mike Banks….Introducing the black t shirt. 

Lastly Bjork announced a new album and everyone went mad… again. 

Here's the week in pictures:

Check those tattoos… ^

Tiga had a bad week… ^




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