This Week… Something Inside So Strong!


“This could have been an email.”

Did anybody else catch Barry from Eastenders singing at President Biden’s inauguration this week? He’s really turned his life around hasn’t he? Wow, what a voice!

Anyway, after all the uproar it seems as if Donald Trump finally left the White House without a hitch – if you exclude the four years of unadulterated chaos, racism, fake tan, sex scandals and corruption that is. It’s been nice in recent days to know that the likelihood of World War III has significantly decreased and that the new President of the United States probably knows how to spell correctly. 

Meanwhile, the Tories have come to a suitable conclusion bound to end the pandemic. They plan to throw some money at it and hope it goes away. A tried and tested policy very much familiar to Boris and friends. It sure does seem sensible to pay people £500 to self isolate once being exposed to Covid doesn’t it? Nobody strapped for cash, stuck in abject poverty might see this as a perfect opportunity to feed their families through wild social activities and super spreading in the hope of a quick pay cheque might they? 

Brexit is now in full effect and buying records online has become a bit of a nightmare, what with the extortionate customs fees being afforded to international parcels. How am I supposed to buy rare exotic Greek synth pop from Sweden? These are the sort of problems diggers are facing and they are VERY VERY REAL. BELIEVE ME. If only there were a way to listen to music from all across the world via some sort of digital interface….

Anywway, it’s a Friday so I’m off to listen to some happy hardcore and pretend I have friends popping over in an hour for drinks and good chat. I’m definitely wearing trousers and have 100% left the house this week… 

Here’s the internet…