This Week… Sandwiches & Trade Deals


“We send you Marmite, you send us Vegemite”

It’s that time on a Friday when you realise that you are still subscribed to that Ransom Note mailer you keep meaning to unsubscribe from… Did we get you? Yup, we did. 

Anyway, how has your week been? Busy? Tough? Tired? Exhausted from the endless monotony of everyday life which seems to drudge on more wearily with every waking moment until you succumb to the sweet release of death? Yup, thought so. 

It’s been quite full on as of late, what with all the socially distanced parties, zoom calls and online workouts that we’ve all been attending. That and the daily attempt of trying to “make something interesting” for lunch can be pretty draining on the whole. I mean, there really isn’t much left to put between two pieces of bread that I haven’t tried yet. It’s hard not to let the anger and frustration boil over at times in all honesty.. However, if you have any good sandwich recomendations then please send my way. 

Where to begin with the politics this week as well? Did Boris Johnson really begin to try and entice the Australians into a trade deal with the lucrative offering of Marmite and Penguin Chocolate Bars? Yes, yes he did. 

Then there was all those white ring teletubbies running around trying to defend statues and what not. To be honest I’d like to try and make a joke about them all, something about gammons and Karen but in all honesty I’m burnt out by these horrible racist fools. It’s far from funny and I hope they know that they are NOT and NEVER WILL be welcome. This on the other hand is great

Meanwhile online…