This Week… pfft, who wants a trade deal anyway?


“Hello Europe?”

Good day readers of the Ransom Note press, I hope your week has been great and that you have eaten more mince pies than thought forseeably possible. This week has been a bit of a blur if i’m honest, this season tends to whiz by faster than others, even if at the moment most of it is spent inside missing lost social interactions with friends. 

There has been some interesting news however, our likelihood of a deal with the European Union now appears to be almost certainly down the pan. This means one thing – holidays are cancelled FOREVER. We might never be able to visit France or Italy or Spain again for all we know… At least we’ll have Tim Tams from Australia – *sighs*. 

Meanwhile all the anti vaxxers have been out in full force, angry at the fact Bill Gates has clearly begun a global takeover with his microchip vaccine. I mean it’s simple sense really – why wouldn’t he want to know what 90 year old Gwyneth from Cornwall is up to at 11.34am on a Tuesday morning? I know I would. Soon we’ll all be under control of some god forsaken global intelligence network through which our activities and actions are monitored and monetised 24 hours a day… oh, wait. 

I haven’t received any Christmas cards this year yet. I read somewhere that Royal Mail was running with a delayed service which probably means they’ll arrive at some point mid February. To be honest, I’d be thankful for that and it could be worse. I’ve been hunting for a Hermes delivery lobbed into a nearby bush for two weeks now. That’s service… 

Oh and there’s a new banksy in Bristol apparently but in all honesty who really gives a f**k. I know street art when I see it and it isn’t that…. 

Anyway here’s some things I done found on the internet…