This Week… Monolith’s & Maradona!


“You can say a lot of things about me, but you can never say I don’t take risks.” – Diego

Who put that great big metal block in the middle of the Utah outback? Aliens, that’s who. We should leave it the f**k alone… Unless you are Maradona in which case this week you can kick it or take a whopping great big line off it if you fancy. Sadly this week the legendary footballer passed away at the age of sixty, a true legend and a hero of the game. 

Meanwhile we’ve been told we can see a few folk at Christmas which is nice really, I heard coronavirus itself really loves Christmas too and as such has promised to take five days off specifically in order to give us all a break from the relentless strain. It’s a friendly disease really…

Overseas Trump is still yet to concede defeat. This isn’t really surprising considering he’s never conceded anything in his life – take his pale complexion and male pattern baldness for instance, he still contests these daily. 

Anyway, I’m super busy this week and haven’t had as much time to spend on the internet as i’d of liked so that was this week…