This Week… Jeremy Hunt, Talking Cats, Bank Holidays And Werewolf Pants


"How much do I care about the NHS? This much."

So the big story this week was Jeremy Hunt continuing to get a massive throbbing something or other out of sticking his fingers in his ears and f****^$&%*$ over the medical establishment, and by extension the general population.

I'd wish some form of unusual and unpleasant harm on him, but no point in that really – he'd just be right off down Harley Street to visit a specialist.

I guess humour out of adversity blah blah and all that, so here's one silver lining we got out of the whole thing.

Also while we're on politics, just want to take a moment to give this important issue a bit more coverage – Sisters Uncut's Wednesday demonstration against institutional sexism in the British prison system, following the death of Sarah Reed back in January.

Of course there was plenty of room for some lighter stuff this week, like this *incredible* invention! Sadly just a clever bit of PR trickery, but some of the more feline-obsessed members of the office are still refusing to accept that the greatest scientific minds of a generation haven't been dedicating all their precious time to literally giving cats a voice. But hey, super cute right???

I guess some of us just really love animals, and there's nothing wrong with that. But there is *everything* wrong with this "sexy wolf underwear".

Finally finally, a not-so-subtle reminder about our Love Hangover party at Grow in Hackney Wick this Sunday. Canal side fun with great food & drink and even better people (i.e. you lot).

Finally finally finally, pray to the sun gods, have a wicked Bank Holiday weekend whatever you're up to, and we'll leave you with this one. It's in honour of Mr Tom Alington departing R$N towers today for the last time. Tom, it's been emotional. Thanks for everything. This whole shambles would never have stayed on the road without you!

Tom, you might have heard this one somewhere recently?

R$N out x