This Week… It’s all Bruce Forsyth’s fault!


“I am not doddery… doddery I am not!”

Right, I have a problem… How can Strictly Come Dancing be allowed to air whilst i’m not allowed to shake a leg down my local pub on a Friday night? Why is one man allowed to foxtrot whilst another must sit drunkenly flacid?

This may be perhaps the most stark and depressing policy proposed by the Tories of all.

Dancing is now prohibited. The enemy has won.

Screw you Len Goodman, Tess Daly and the BBC. You know what, screw Bruce Forsyth too, he started this whole bloody mess in the first place! 

Perhaps once this is all said and done we should start a new show, Strictly Come Raving. It could be hosted by Shaun Ryder and Bez. They could have eccie taking competitions, beat matching bonanzas, banger racing in the car park outside and who can smoke the most snout contests. It would be great, I’d watch that. 

Anyway, this week has been pretty busy really and I haven’t had too much time to pay attention to the news and other worldly affairs. I’ve also deleted my Twitter account because it was depressing the living f*ck out of me. So, moving forwards if anybody stumbles upon anything remotely funny please feel free to share it with us at – we love a good laugh and promise to feature it, without any credit or reference to you in the slightest at some point in the next year, maybe. 

Anyway here’s some meme’s I done found on the internet…