This Week… It Was Only A Kiss!


Ah, what a week it has been. First Matt Hancock was caught red handed kissing his assistant in breach of covid social distancing protocol. He kisses like he’s in The Sims by the way…. 

Then Matt Hancock got some moral support from serial shagger Boris.

Then Matt Hancock resigned because his position was deemed untenable and now all we have left of our favourite health secretary is a hard drive full of memes to remember him by. Somehow I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him though…

Meanwhile the country has gone football crazy because England beat the Germans for like the first time ever. Some fans sang Neil Diamond and wee Prince George even got to attend his first big football match. It was a wonderful day observed by all and the boys made us very, very proud. Rule Britannia!

Anyway, i’m pretty busy today playing catch up so that’s all from me but here’s some memes…