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“Catch an electric eel and just beat it so fast that it rips space time continuum and takes you to the future.”

“I’ve never seen anything to suggest that system is breached. We have perhaps the strongest system in the world, in which not only do I and the Home Secretary oversee these things, there are then commissioners – the interception of communications commissioner, for instance – who oversee our work and report to the Prime Minister on how we do that. No country has a stronger system than that.” William Hague. Cool, thanks I feel much better now, thanks Willy.

On the subject of NSA – did you check that great Visually piece on NSA files decoded 

Want to find out where you are in the world? Don’t worry, they’re watching you. 

Better keep em out…

Patterns mate, patterns.

Talking of the Illumantus (well I am now) let’s have a delve further into The Vatican, Cocaine & the CIA>>>

Want to listen to a cat eating noisily? Well now you can.

Psychedelic birth of animation… click the image.

10 Stories That Prove Bill Murray Really Is The Most Interesting Man In The World?…

Let’s go dancing… I wanna go dancing…

How the Stock Exchange works… how we should continue spend, spend, spending our way out…

My brain hurts… I must lie down and rest it

Quick infographics…