This Week in sunshine, westfields, brandilism and woodlands…


"Sometimes things become possible if we want them bad enough.” TS Elliot

You should probably take an hour or two and go and sit outside at Westfields restaurants, drinking beer looking at the security army!. AR

"As she is my younger sister i am entitled to control her vote until she reaches the age of majority for women in norfolk, which is 47." AB

"…a North Korea player was introduced on the giant screen accompanied by a picture of the South Korean flag – sent the London Games into damage control just 48 hours before the official Opening Ceremony.
With FIFA introducing pre-match procedures to avoid match day disasters 24 hours before kick off, its appointed technical committee in Glasgow seemingly put its trust in Hampden Park's venue manager, Andy Mitchell.
Ironically Mitchell – a former Scottish Football Association communications director – told The Scotsman on Wednesday "the fans will see something different" before yesterday's embarrassing flag incident.
"There will be very much a sense of 'this is the Olympics' with the whole look of the stadium and the decoration all different," he added.

"Every effort will be taken to make sure this won't happen again," Cameron said.

"With so many Africans in Greece… At least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat home made food!!!" Nice work Triple Jumping Greek Papachristou. Doing wonders for your country's PR at 'tha games'.

"Apple the only brand larger than the Olympics" Study


Oh my god… sorry OMG… wtf the fk is wrong with the world… Dizzee… seriously. What's going on? Muse and this as our offical anthems… christ all christing mighty… help me>>>

Best sit down with a bit of SP's Lethal Weapon Reggae Summer Mix anthems… how can you fail with an opener like that?!

Nice work with the North Korean flag… How well do you know North Korea? Take the test!

So 'brandilism' is the new olympic, sorry Olympic or maybe I should actually drop the o completely…. start the sentence again. So, 'Brandlism' is the new lympic buzz word. And Official Protesters getting up to no good.

Getting well tied up in this now… this is far more amusing:

Man in goat suit seen living among goats in Utah mountains

Right then… got that.

Sun has come out and this makes us feel even more summery…

And as if by magic… what should appear but a collaboration between Dan Beaumont and Terry Farley with a Hannah Holland remix.. handy that for a certain festival in the woods this weekend isn't it?!

See you there or indeed down DSS tonight…!! Oh hang on, I'm too excited for the opening weekend… I'm not going anywhere!