This Week in face eating on acid & other human conditions.


'Shadows Meet The Clouds, Gray On Gray, Like Dusty Charcoal On An Ashen Brow' Poets Report

'Hoping To Break Slump, Rickie Weeks Chewing Increasing Amounts Of Tobacco, Bubble Gum, Sunflower Seeds, Pine Tar All At Once'

'This is a day that will go down in the history books forever. Because I’m pretty sure they have to keep records of everything like this, no matter how boring, predictable, or inconsequential.  Xander Evans, Translator

'Is god a mathmetician? Does jesus have a tattoo?' And other equally valid google search suggestions.

'If we are to believe that Hunt acted correctly in the process and without bias, anyone that has held a position of responsibility would know that this level of contact with interested parties outside a process is not appropriate behaviour. I am surprised Hunt does not see this as a issue. Very concerning as he is meant to be a competent individual holding a very important job.' Robin Franke

Who's been getting down to a bit of Naked Face eating on acid then? It's something I've considered for a while now. The whole would seem well passe now wouldn't it.

So then this week has been saved for me by the world according to Hawaiin-esque shirts… forget Queenie, check out this banger:

I mean how can you not like that bazza. Booomin! You should see the other ones n' all. They sell em by weight round the corner from me… 4 of them for 15 euros… wtf?!

'It was about making sure our democracy can function properly.' Hunt on his BSkyB role. Surely one of the quotes of the year?!

Ah thank you Class of 808 for bringing this one back to life for me. Detroit Techno – The Creation of Techno Music (HighTechSoul) – Super cool watching material. If only I could download it for the plane…


Oh yeah the small matter of a Diamante Jubilee… least we get 4 days off to dance in the sun… 
'God save the queen… the fascist regime.' Had to get that in there somewhere…
Right, I'm off to drop a load of acid and chew someone's face off.
Bye then x