This Week… I’m Not A Cat!


Nope, I’m not. Well, at least I don’t think so anyway, I do have hairy toes? Anyway, this point of reference comes from a rather splendid video in which a lawyer was stuck pleading his case with a furry faced filter

Meanwhile, Elon Musk was busy investing in some hotly tipped new technology – a cryptocurrency called Dogecoin.

It’s funny, sometimes when I think about all that humanity has achieved I well up with pride, we’ve come a long way. However, this is not one of those moments – naming a currency after a meme is not hilarious and not clever and not cool. Soon there’ll be Dogebank and I can already imagine the type of arrogant, quirky, eccentic, self entitled hipster who will sit staring into space behind the front desk. These are the end times we are living in people.. 

Here in the UK Priti Patel announced that she hates… everyone.

I mean, I could go into specifics here about who and what and where and when and why but what’s the point? In another week she’ll only come back out and declare her destain for another group of refugees, human rights activists, charity, movement or member of the working class anyway. I may as well blanket them all up together, it saves time. 

Anyway, i’m very busy and have little time to write more about this wonderful week so here’s some internet…