This Week… I Am Sofa King!


"Shall we jump on a stream?" – Everyone

"Lonely, i'm Mr Lonely." – Akon

"Time watches on never ending……." – Layo & Bushwacka

Oh Donald… Anyone catch his "i'm not a doctor" speech this week? It's pretty special, that's all I'm saying. 

Anyway, how are you doing? Still alive? Good, that's great. I hope you have a big Friday night planned with lots of cans, friends, cigarettes and your favourite dj on the livestream. Is anybody else as bored as me of watching people play records to a bunch of potted plants and their pet cat? To be honest, half the time i'm watching out of sheer curiosity in an attempt to assess the various living situations of my favourite DJ's. Is Carl Craig messy? What type of bed sheets does Jamie Jones have? Is Artwork wearing socks today? Etc. Etc… I might make a book after all of this is over, Top 50 Living Rooms of COVID19 DJ's 2020. Catchy yeah? Let me know if you'd like to be featured… 

Then there was Damian Lazarus and his LAZPOD… But that's a whole other article in itself, maybe next week. 

What do we make of Ben Fogle then? 


……….More Silence. 

……………Yup, that's right, we won't be singing happy birthday to the Queen from our doorstep. 

It seems as though the summer may well be truly down the pan at this rate though, which is a crying shame given that we were all looking forward to seeing the exact same lineup play the exact same set at the exact same festivals as last year. Maybe next year eh? 

Here's the net…