This Week… How To Act At Your First Rave, Telepathy & Blackout Poetry.


"Use time surprisingly more now than any other time. Every week there's a new internet."

In other news, your ringtone has been changed to 'Beautiful Day' and Bono is now your friend on Facebook." BromleyESQ

Do you know who I love?? Yep, I love you Granpa and Grandmaster Flash

So the Mercury Nominations are in – any thoughts?

"Beige dregs of a BBC 6 music playlist."


I know you’ve got this big vote next week, and it’s tricky and difficult and complicated. I’m glad you’re voting on a thing you give a shit about, it’s about time votes made an actual difference to something. I’m not going to try to wade in on the finer points of the Yes & No campaigns, or the questions of currency or oil. But I do want to say a quick couple of things – a massive proportion of the left-of-centre voting comes from Scotland; if you remove yourself from the UK electorate, god knows how long we’ll be stuck with David Cameron and his gang. Also, UKIP don’t get into parliament because Scotland doesn’t give two flying fucks about UKIP. And we stay firmly in Europe because Scotland is happy in Europe.

Never mind “We’re better together”, how about “WE’RE FUCKED WITHOUT YOU”. Please don’t leave. I know there are some fully-erect nobheads in the rest of the UK, but some of us are normal and/or liberal and/or socialist and/or kinda cool. We even like booze, just like you – LET’S HANG OUT. Love you.  E. Williams

This is the worst game show ever. #ScotDecides

"I have no time for those who say there is no way Scotland could go it alone. I know first-hand the contribution Scotland and Scots make to Britain's success – so for me there's no question about whether Scotland could be an independent nation." David Cameron… is that right mate.

If you're going to be attending your first rave, you may be wondering how you should act. Luckily, ravers are a really friendly group of people that welcome everyone with open, Kandi-covered arms. With an open attitude and some killer dance moves, you'll fit right in. AHow to Act at Your First Rave

"It's showing me the error of my ways – when I thought of the word "Rave" I definitely thought of drug abuse. Apparently it doesn't have to be so." JBS


All the above taken from an excellent Newspaper Blackout Poetry

Right, I'm off to "Learn a few dance tips. It may take a while to learn a few cool dance moves associated with the rave scene before going, for example the Melbourne Shuffle." I'm gonna give it a go…