This Week… Heat & Bobbies On The Beat


“You can write criticism at home in your underwear.” – Michael Azerrad

So it would appear that lockdown may be nearing an end, at least for now anyway. Whether that’s wise or not is another question entirely but I for one am delighted to be able to hit the streets and party like it’s 1999 all over again. 

However, be sensible. A major alert was declared in Bournemouth yesterday after thousands flocked to the seaside to enjoy the Great British summertime. Now, when I say “enjoy” that sort of loosely translates to grabbing a crate of stella from the shop, getting your top off and attempting to fight seagulls, lilos and just about any other similar fella‘ who had the same idea as you that day. Play nice kids… 

Meanwhile the music industry is still in crisis, what with well, the distinct lack of music. A bunch of venues got together this week to write a letter to the government asking them to help their venues survive the current pandemic. A noble pursuit, after all the Tories are known for their generous handouts, care for culture and great taste. 

Anyway here’s the week…