This Week… Have We Left Yet?


"Halloween is woke, and there's nothing we can do about it." – Jason Blum

"My Millennials, 'stay woke'." – Maxine Walters

"It's been like a bad dream I never woke from." – Alex Chilton

How was your Halloween? I hope it was suitably scary and frightening – much like our current political climate and life on planet earth in general as it stands. Maybe we should have just cancelled Halloween this year, there's enough monsters and ghouls out there as it is without a song and dance about it. Anyway, it's bonfire night on Tuesday and I can only hope that Putin comes along and hits the great big red detonate button and ends it all for shits and giggles. That would be a laugh really, it's all we deserve.

Anyway, it's been a big week in the world of 'wokeness'. Who's woke? Who's not? Are cornrows acceptable? Are they not? I wonder if Nina regrets that one yet, probably. Ah, well i'm sure a nice long bath and some self reflection will do her the world of good…

Elsewhere, I discovered a new pet hate of mine. People who Facetime on public transport… Who are these LUNATICS? Why can I see your gran in her bathrobe on the bus? Does she know I'm watching? Should I wave? Probably not. 

Speaking of bathrobes, this guy has one and he likes it a lot. 


What are you up to this weekend? I hope you are feeling pumped and hyped, you should. It's the ruggerz tomorrow isn't it and we all love that DON'T WE? It's not just a bunch of homoerotic men manhandling each other in the pursuit of grabbing a ball or two… is it?

How's your mum keeping, is she well

And your Dad?

Anyway here's the best of the net…